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Design Week Turkey 2017

On the preveous week, I was at the Design Week Turkey in Istanbul. As I was invited by the organization and representative of Interior Affairs, I had to attend as many conferences as possible while keeping an eye on the workshops and the fair. the subject of this year was "The Potential of Design" and we really did see the potential. Design week also had a guest country: Finland.

Phone number usage on mobile web pages

I love usability, don't you? Even the smallest touch to the user experience will worth more then the effort to users. On the web pages I have to user phone numbers, I always add the dial code to my HTML. With that, you can make your visitors to one-click on the phone numbers to dial or skype call easily.

The DOM (Family) Tree

The DOM subject is generally taken lightly to new coders or designers. I stumble upon a very nice explanation today and wanted to share here.

Separation of Concerns

Separation of concerns is a design principle stating that code should be separated based on its purpose in a program. In web development, that generally means the structure of a page is defined in an HTML document, styles are stored in a CSS file, and code that defines dynamic behavior is stored in a JavaScript file.