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5 Steps to Redesign Your Website and/or App

Something is not going well or the complaints have increased. Maybe you think it’s time to innovate and you’ve decided to change your current app or website? Very nice. So are you sure you’re ready?

Do not jump into anything without reviewing the following 5 steps:

1. Evaluate Your Current Design

  • Are there old images / text that do not represent your brand and principles?
  • What features do not work or are incompatible with new technologies (browsers)?
  • Which designs are not responsive to different devices and screen sizes?

2- Goals to Improve User Experience (UX)

  • Take notes of your observations and surveys about how people using your website / app behave.
  • Set your User Experience goals based on data from your own observations and survey results.
  • Match the design features with the goals you are considering for your brand’s image. Dynamic, Classical, Abstract, Postmodern, Animated?
design system ex

Design System

3- Build a Consistent and Efficient Design System

  • Take the time now to create a design system for your brand. This will increase the efficiency of your project in the future.
  • Once you’ve built a library of design elements, working with software and designers will become much easier.
  • Work separately on how icons, images and other elements will be used and aligned on the pages.

4- Prepare Interactive Prototypes

  • If you have wireframe works ready, take them to the next level.
  • Before moving on to the final product, in order to identify both insurance and unforeseen problems; Prepare Interactive Prototypes and have them used by test groups.
    Forms, page rankings, conditional transitions, etc.

5- Give importance to feedback!

  • The designer or the opinions of the shareholders, partners and their personal opinions should always be in the second place. You are not making the application for yourself or for executives. Satisfying managers or egos will only be a short-term virtual success if users are not comfortable using it.
  • Give importance to the opinions of your target users.


Of course, other important items can be added to these. Some may not be appropriate or necessary for your application. The decision is yours 😄✌


web sitenizin ve veya uygulamanizin yeniden tasarimi icin 5 adim