Hello world! — This is Altug.

I'm a web and UX designer, specializing in design systems.


Phone number usage on mobile web pages

I love usability, don't you? Even the smallest touch to the user experience will worth more then the effort to users. On the web pages I have to user phone numbers, I always add the dial code to my HTML. With that, you can make your visitors to one-click on the phone numbers to dial or skype call easily.

The DOM (Family) Tree

The DOM subject is generally taken lightly to new coders or designers. I stumble upon a very nice explanation today and wanted to share here.

Separation of Concerns

Separation of concerns is a design principle stating that code should be separated based on its purpose in a program. In web development, that generally means the structure of a page is defined in an HTML document, styles are stored in a CSS file, and code that defines dynamic behavior is stored in a JavaScript file.

a little about me..

UX, Front-End & Consultancy

I’m designing human centered web experiences for the last 20+ years. Not only B2B and B2C but also worked for military, government related, voluntary and charity projects.

What I do love is to create human centered experiences and invisible user interfaces.

Previously I helped re-designing the UX of eBay Turkey. I have been a part of various projects of Yandex, Turkcell, Markafoni, Department of Justice and Interior Affairs.